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Some freeware programs

From time to time one or two small freeware programs will be offered here. Note that more up-to-date versions will probably be available elsewhere.

PFE-16 icon  

PFE v0.06.002 (16-bit) This is the 16-bit Windows 3.x version of the Programmer's File Editor by Alan Phillips (File size: 437 KB approx).

PFE-32 icon  

PFE v0.06.002 (32-bit) This is the 32-bit Windows 9x version of the Programmer's File Editor by Alan Phillips (File size: 451 KB approx).


Although newer 16-bit and 32-bit versions of PFE have been released, I prefer these old versions. Development of PFE has now come to an end and the PFE Support Site is just a simple page with some links to sites where the final release can be downloaded.

Sokoban icon  

Sokoban for Windows (16-bit) This is the best (free) Windows version of the Sokoban game which I have found so far. As it is a 16-bit application it works under Windows 3.x and Windows 9x. This version accepts input from the four cursor control keys or from the mouse and has good graphics and sound effects. Although the program documentation does not appear to mention it, the left mouse button can be used to simplify many manoeuvres. (File size: 279 KB approx).

Sokoban icon  

Sokoban for X Window system (e.g. Linux) This is my current favourite version of the Sokoban game. Note that this file contains only the source code so you will have to "make" your own executable (it is very easy to do this!) In addition to the original version of Sokoban, this package contains two variants of the game. It has multiple level undo and, if you get really stuck, contains animated solutions! (File size: 111 KB approx).


There are lots of Sokoban resources to be found on the Internet. Here are a few references if you want to find out more or look for other versions:

  • The XSokoban page --- Although this is the homepage for an X Window version of Sokoban, it has links to versions for other operating systems and also to several papers which have been written about the Sokoban puzzle. Note that this is not the homepage for the X Window source code version listed above.

  • Windows 95/98 Freeware version --- Another Windows version with good graphics but restricted to Windows 95/98.

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