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24 March 2006
Replaced the image used for the link to xuesheng's workshop (the POPFile-related mini-site) and corrected the Dreamweaver link.
9 September 2004
Added a footer link to xuesheng's workshop (the POPFile-related mini-site).
22 July 2002
Added an MP3 file as an alternative to the much larger WAV file with the stilted pronunciation of "Sugelan".
11 May 2002
Updated the site logo to a more modern font and started to introduce an enhanced navigation scheme. References to the Psion Organiser II site have been updated as a result of the original site closing down.
22 February 2002
Updated the footer and corrected minor typo.
16 November 2001
Corrected some minor typos.
14 October 2001
Turned the standard page footer into a Dreamweaver Library Item.
13 October 2001
Corrected the formatting on this page.
11 October 2001
Updated the page footer and corrected the link for Fireworks.
7 October 2001
Inserted missing image dimensions, adjusted text layout and added a background image.
5 October 2001
Improved the IE/Netscape compatibility. Corrected the minor HTML errors found by HTML validator. Added the Fireworks logo and link. Created a better site logo and changed the navigation buttons.
4 October 2001
Site given a new look, using NetObjects Fusion, Dreamweaver and Multi-Edit. CS-RCS used, as usual, to record development history. Updated Psion downloads to use new e-mail address. Made site compatible with IE 5.5 and Netscape 4.72
1 October 2001
Site moved to new host.

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